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Cherry Amber and Turquoise


When my husband and I travel, we often find some really unique items.  Above is a necklace made of vintage Cherry Amber round cut beads.  We found them in a small antique shop on Bainbridge Island when we visited Seattle a few years ago.  This was a broken necklace that at one time was hand-knotted, I was buying other things and the shop owner saw me looking at these and gave them to me for free.  Cherry Amber is not easy to come by and I have never seen it in a 14mm round.  This was quite a find.

I wanted to preserve the earthiness of the Amber and make something that celebrated it’s natural beauty.  I paired it with turquoise and sterling silver to create this piece.  The turquoise is oval in shape and the sterling silver beads have a cut in design, there are topaz colored crystals mixed in to brighten it up.

I enjoy wearing it, and when I do I remember fondly our vacation and how much we enjoyed being in Seattle.  I love when I have an opportunity to take something like a broken necklace and turn it into a lasting memory of a joy filled vacation.

If you have some vacation mementos that you would like turned into a wearable memory, please let me know.  I would love to create a piece that helps you celebrate a happy part of your life.


Garden Club Gifts

A dear friend of mine is in her last term as president of a local garden club. She wanted to give members a thoughtful (affordable) parting gift. She thought going with necklaces reflecting their birthstones would be lovely. Here are the results. This was a tremendous honor.


Left to right, Pearls and Alexandrite for June, for December Turquoise which we floated with silver accents, Garnet toned beads for January, and for September we used a Sapphire colored stone.


Left to right: Here is another December necklace this time with Turquoise and Tiger Eye, for Diamonds we used a shiny AB Chrystal, Aventurine for the Taurus and one of 3 Aquamarine for the March birthdays.


Left to right, More Aquamarine with silver and purple accents, another Crystal Necklace with silver accents for the Diamond birthday, and our last Aquamarine with Labradorite and Iolite accents.


Happy Spring!

Hello there!

I am so happy it is spring, in South Texas it is not only Easter Time but Fiesta as well.  There are so many reasons to get pretty, dig into your jewelry box and start wearing some of the jewelry that gets shelved during the winter.  Nice pastel crystals, cloisonné, pearls and more bring the spirit of the season to life.

Springtime Cloisonné!  This easy to wear set is ready for spring.   Goldtone reverse cloisonné with white and pink flowers, venetian glass beads and pink crystals bring this to life; like a wearable garden.  Necklace measures 20″ and both necklace and bracelet have toggle clasps.  Earrings are gold filled.  Complete set $79


And here is a beautiful preserved (real) orchid on rose, teal and lavender leather.  It is accented with silver tone beads, and large crystals.  This is adjustable in length.  The orchid is preserved by a local artist here in San Antonio.  $75


Email for more information.

Happy Spring!  Remember, if you have jewelry that you aren’t wearing, let’s get together and recreate the piece into something that you fall in love with all over again!  Recycle, reuse, rescue, renew!

“The soul of my business is getting you to wear what you love and love what you wear!”

Eye of the Tiger


I love Tiger’s Eye, it is one of my favorite gemstones, not just because it is the stone of my Capricorn people, but it is so beautiful.  Tiger’s Eye has long since been hailed for it’s powers; it is purported to have the power to focus the mind, promoting mental clarity, assisting us to resolve problems objectively and unclouded by emotions. Check!  But the real reason I love it is……It is pretty, beautiful; in fact.  The luster of the stone is accentuated by the silky fibers that run through it creating a depth unlike most other gemstones.  It comes in different colors that all have a unique appearance.

Here is a design of blue, red and yellow Tiger’s Eye, it is accentuated with Sterling Silver beads and findings.  The Blue Tiger’s Eye is a round cut, the Yellow Tiger’s Eye is disc cut and the Red Tiger’s Eye is a hexagon cut.  The different shapes of these stones really add to the texture and depth of the design.  This is a rich, luxurious look that can go with your favorite suit, cocktail dress or jeans and a T-shirt.  The necklace is adjustable 18-20″, the bracelet is adjustable 7-8″ and the chandelier earrings are Sterling Silver.

eye of the tiger


Heishi shells

Oh how I love Heishi Shells. They are so pretty and delicate. My friend went to the Gem and mineral show in Tuscon and came back with some really pretty beads. She also came back with some amazing Jaspers, Turquoise and so much more!
(If you are in the area, you should go by and see her at Ann Pearce Jewelry 1826 Nacogdoches Rd. San Antonio, TX 78209. She is open Tues-Sat 10A-5:30P.
So back to the Heishi, every time I make a necklace of these beads, it usually sells immediately. Heishi is versatile, earthy and light weight. This one I might hang on to for a while. It is actually 2 separate necklaces that can be worn individually or together. One of the necklaces is three strands of the natural Heishi knotted around a Picture Jasper and the other is two strands of natural Heishi and three strands of the brown Heishi. They are adjustable 24-28″, finished with Sterling Silver Chain and Clasp.
Heishi Combo

Heishi Picture Jasper

I love how this looks with sweaters, tee shirts and summer dresses!

Vintage Onyx Rescue

This was an exciting rescue. This necklace had fallen into disrepair over the years. We took this hand knotted piece, unstrung it and cleaned all of the beads. We hand knotted this on new silk and created a brand new tassel. On this rescue we opted not to redesign but keep the necklace true to it’s original vintage beauty.
Recycle, reuse, renew & rescue!
vintage onyx before                                 vintage onyx after



Leather Bracelets


Leather bracelets come in all shapes and styles, with the availability of leather in so many colors and so many types of beads and accents; the choices are infinite.  I have had so much fun with these.  They are versatile for men, women and teens.  Easy to wear and very affordable.

Above are two examples of a very feminine look, one is with pearls and the other is with a crystal bead.

Here are some examples of adjustable width bracelets with accent beads, hand carved and ceramic.  I love these to give as gifts because the accent beads are usually a choice I make based on the recipients personality or lifestyle.

These are fun, affordable, thoughtful pieces.

These are fun, affordable, thoughtful pieces.

adjustable bracelet 2 adjustable bracelet 4 adjustable bracelet 5 adustable bracelet 3

Not show are examples of bracelets made with guitar picks and leather, I will go into this topic in much deeper depth later.  It is a huge subject because there are so many guitar picks in the world, I am not sure where to start…you have options of mother of pearl, wood, assorted plastic colors, band specific and now some are made from natural stone, combine that with the unbelievable choices in leather colors….the options are as colorful as your imagination