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January 23, 2014

Hello There,

I have spent hours today with a logo that was designed for me by (fantastically spirited & creative graphic design firm).  I had no idea what goes into logo sizing and placement.  With logo in hand I wanted to size it and post it myself on all of my social media; I feel strongly about having the ability to design, update and manage my website, blog and other social media. 

That being said, who knew how long it took to properly size and space things.  What is perfectly centered as a photo on one site is not even close on another.  To me it is well worth the effort and I am still excited about my new endeavor. 

And now I have a brand new appreciation for what I look at on other peoples pages, whether they do it themselves or have someone do it for them, I know that someone took great care and effort to get these pages “just so”.  For those of you who are professional at web and graphic design I appreciate you paving the way for people like me who are stumbling through it.   And for those of you out there like me who are still stumbling through it, I applaud your patience and bravery!


logo slogan wide2


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