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Creative Fatigue

January 30, 2014

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Hello there!
Just a quick note about creative fatigue. Many painters, designers, writers, musicians and artists work their craft as their sole livelihood and many practice their craft as a hobby or a side project; either of these groups are subject to creative fatigue at some point. We all have lives and forces (+/-) in our lives that affect us in different ways. Most times we look to our craft as a comfort, solace, and creative expression of who we are but sooner or later the fatigue creeps in, darkens our soul and spirit; and that’s ok because that is part of life. This is a reminder that those times do pass and we come back into the light of our creative souls. God is good and He is merciful and He will bring us back to our true selves. We can then share with others our journey and inspire them and each other to keep on keeping on.
Admittedly there have been times that although it passed; it passed like a kidney stone. Slow, bloody and painful. But it did pass and I am more committed to my craft for it. We are humans, we are artists; we are not game show hosts.
Seize the day my brethren, keep the faith and hope alive! Because without you, without art, without music; life would be a huge void.
Thank you to those who got up just one more time than they fell down. You are an inspiration. Believe that and believe in yourself!


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