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Not your mom’s 70’s leather jewelry!

February 1, 2014

Hello there,

I am having so much fun with leather jewelry; it is no longer the simple stuff you saw in the 70’s.  It is now something that can be refined and elegant as well as fun and exciting.  The colors that are available now are amazing, you have so many options outside of the original black or brown choices.  Leather now comes in earthy hues and jewel tones.  These can translate into some really beautiful choices that are incredibly affordable and easy to wear.


Spring is in the air and this prêt-àporter cloisonné garden is the perfect start!  Three strands of hand knotted leather with cloisonné flowers and butterflies accented with crystals, with matching bracelet and leaf earrings. Necklace measures 18-21″ and the bracelet measures 7 1/2″.  This is beautiful fresh look that brightens up any suit, flatters your favorite spring dress or just freshens up your favorite t-shirt and jeans.  Lightweight, versatile, and easy to wear

carved bead and leather bracelets
Above are unisex bracelets that are adjustable in length and a nice compliment to any outfit
Charcoal Leather with black and clear crystals
Above here is a necklace made with charcoal leather and black and clear crystals. It has a clasp and chain that makes the necklace adjustable. It is light weight, looks great at work, a party or just hanging out on a casual day.
Women's bracelet
Here are a couple of bracelets on a jewel toned leather with sparkled and pearl beads
Indigo Pearls
This is freshwater pearls, hand knotted on indigo dyed leather. Both the necklace & bracelet are adjustable in length; the necklace adjusts 18-20″. The clasps are adjustable sterling silver toggles. The earrings are sterling silver with pearls and indigo Swarovski crystals. This is a stunning piece that can be worn with just about anything. This can be done in a variety of leather and pearl colors.
So here are some examples of how versatile and stylish leather can be. It is such a huge topic and I will visit it again soon.
“The soul of my business is getting you to wear what you love and love what you wear!”


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