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Leather Bracelets

February 4, 2014


Leather bracelets come in all shapes and styles, with the availability of leather in so many colors and so many types of beads and accents; the choices are infinite.  I have had so much fun with these.  They are versatile for men, women and teens.  Easy to wear and very affordable.

Above are two examples of a very feminine look, one is with pearls and the other is with a crystal bead.

Here are some examples of adjustable width bracelets with accent beads, hand carved and ceramic.  I love these to give as gifts because the accent beads are usually a choice I make based on the recipients personality or lifestyle.

These are fun, affordable, thoughtful pieces.

These are fun, affordable, thoughtful pieces.

adjustable bracelet 2 adjustable bracelet 4 adjustable bracelet 5 adustable bracelet 3

Not show are examples of bracelets made with guitar picks and leather, I will go into this topic in much deeper depth later.  It is a huge subject because there are so many guitar picks in the world, I am not sure where to start…you have options of mother of pearl, wood, assorted plastic colors, band specific and now some are made from natural stone, combine that with the unbelievable choices in leather colors….the options are as colorful as your imagination


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