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Cherry Amber and Turquoise

May 18, 2014


When my husband and I travel, we often find some really unique items.  Above is a necklace made of vintage Cherry Amber round cut beads.  We found them in a small antique shop on Bainbridge Island when we visited Seattle a few years ago.  This was a broken necklace that at one time was hand-knotted, I was buying other things and the shop owner saw me looking at these and gave them to me for free.  Cherry Amber is not easy to come by and I have never seen it in a 14mm round.  This was quite a find.

I wanted to preserve the earthiness of the Amber and make something that celebrated it’s natural beauty.  I paired it with turquoise and sterling silver to create this piece.  The turquoise is oval in shape and the sterling silver beads have a cut in design, there are topaz colored crystals mixed in to brighten it up.

I enjoy wearing it, and when I do I remember fondly our vacation and how much we enjoyed being in Seattle.  I love when I have an opportunity to take something like a broken necklace and turn it into a lasting memory of a joy filled vacation.

If you have some vacation mementos that you would like turned into a wearable memory, please let me know.  I would love to create a piece that helps you celebrate a happy part of your life.


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